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(L) one shoulder black Carlos Miele dress (R) black Badgley Mischka gown

First off I want to thank you all for the amazing comments giving me advice over the weekend on what I should wear to the Emmys. I read every single comment! So much good fashion advice. I feel so I had thousands of girlfriends here with me helping me to decide.

So as you know the fashion debate had to do with whether I should wear a one shoulder Carlos Miele I bought in Paris or a more subdued black Badgley Mischka gown I've had for years to the 63rd annual Emmy Awards show and parties.
Most of you overwhelmingly voted for the Carlos Miele. It was not my first choice but you made so many compelling arguments for it, that I actually decided to follow your advice and wear the dress.

On Sunday, at just after 2p, I put on the Carlos Miele and then I was going to head out of my hotel room to meet our group for our limo ride over to the Emmy Awards. The dress fit. It looked great. I was facing my fashion fears, following your sage advice, and trying something new. As I opened the hotel room door, I felt a rush of air at my side and I thought...that's strange...where's that air coming from and why is this dress so loose.

Well my luck had it that just as I was running out of the door, all dressed up with somewhere interesting to go, I of all things was having a major wardrobe malfunction!

I looked down and the long zipper up the side of the dress had broken and was wide open. I know...I know...unbelievable. It just so happens, a friend's daughter who was attending the awards show too(lucky girl) had stopped by my room to check out my dress options and to get a little wardrobe help herself and as we were running out of the door this zipper thing happened!

I tried to unzip the dress but the zipper was caught at the top and split wide open down the side. I tugged and pulled and realized I was stuck in a fashion nightmare...stuck in a sparkling one should dress with the side split open...moments before my limousine ride was leaving for the Emmy Awards.


That is when I screamed, "I'm stuck! I'm stuck in this dress!" I started to pant and perspire and panic frankly. The 15 year old girl ran over and started tugging on the zipper and she couldn't get it off either. She kind of looked at me the way a 15 year old with wide eyed disbelief thinking I'm sure, "Uh oh, she's in trouble". That is when the 15 year old figured out desperate times would call for desperate measures...and she said, "I know. The scissors."

There...that's what all my fretting and planning had come down to...a pair of scissors, a new dress and a ticking time clock...

I bravely said "Do it"...and with a tug and a pull and the loudest snip I've ever heard...I was literally cut out of my sparkling Carlos Miele dress.


So, I must say, I did feel quite unlucky and lucky at the same time...because there was the Badgley Mischka, still on its hanger and ready for business.

With not a moment to spare and with the Carlos Miele in a heap on the floor, I jumped into the Badgley Mischka and ran out of the door.

There you have it...there is a life lesson somewhere here in this Emmy dress story I think...

Could the lesson be..."Don't put all of your eggs in one basket"...or "Be resourceful"...or "The only thing you can count on in life is change"...or "Never say never"...or "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry..."...

I don't know what the lesson was...all I know is that when faced with this little non-dilemma dilemma, there was no time to think, action was needed quickly and I was forced deal with the situation and move on...

So the default winner was...the Badgley this case the runner up did maybe this is a story about runner ups and coming in second? Something like you never know when the winner will not be able to perform his/her duties and when you might have to step up to the plate and fill in!

Anyhoooo...the bottom line is I wore the Badgley Mischka after all.

I again thank you so much for your help. You are so awesome and sweet to weigh in! Your comments were amazing. I appreciate the kind support!

Happy Wednesday.


P.S. Didn't have time to pull together a video design guide.  I will do one over the weekend taking you inside the Emmys and all of the parties!  You can see it how I saw it...walking down the red carpet and all!  If you are interested even...

P.P.S.  The Emmys was so much fun this year! Can't wait to share a few details with you.
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Write by: AN - Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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