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Kitchen from Kitchens and Baths by Michael S. Smith with two pendant lights, an island with wood counter top and white cabinets, stainless appliances, a brick backsplash, french doors and wood floors

Eons ago...or maybe it was just a few months ago...I ran into uber interior designer Michael S. Smith at the airport here in Los Angeles...(indulge me if you've read this story before...LOL!)  I looked like a vagabond.  I was in Nbaynadamas textiles trade show mode. 

It turns out Michael and I  were on the same plane heading to New York...I wasn't alone was me and I think 9 pieces of huge luggage as I carted ALL of my samples to the August New York International Gift Fair.  Was right next to Michael in the security line...we chatted briefly before being rushed through the security x-ray machine...turns out we were on the same in business class (btw bummed, I'm going to lose my status on United this year because I've flown on so many different airlines this year...they should give you credit for years of flying one airline (I do have 200 or 300 thousand miles) and give you a reprieve if one year you are little year, no more red carpet for me on any airline...yikes...where can I fly in the next month to rack up 25,000 miles?...hmmm...thinking...anyhooooo....), Michael was in first.  I've recounted what happened next many a time...because I truly don't know what I would have done if Michael S. Smith wasn't there.  So I got to baggage pick up and was chatting with Michael again...and then my huge Tumi bags started and was clear that my little cart would not hold all of the bags!  Michael, seeing a damsel (or me) in distress literally jumped in to help.  He took a hold of several pieces of luggage and wheeled them along with his bags out to meet my driver Ken.  And then he was gone...a few days later Michael nicely popped by the Nbaynadamas booth at the NYIGF to say hi..and that is the last time I saw Michael S. Smith.  An unwitting hero and interior!

Then about a month ago...or maybe it was two months ago...I have no sense of time...I received a copy of a book in the mail...a lovely book at that.  Kitchens and Baths by Michael S. Smith published by Rizzoli.  The book is filled with images of kitchens and baths that Michael designed for his famous clientele.  Some inspiration indeed!  What a lovely treat!  I love thumbing through a great design book...great ideas and beautiful photographs of interiors...!

Here's a look at Michael's new book!

Kitchen from Kitchens and Baths by Michael S. Smith with blue marble floor, white round table, metal seats, french doors, white cabinets and marble countertops
Photos I took yesterday on my kitchen counter of my copy of the book. (above and below)

Cover of Kitchens and Baths by Michael S. Smith

Kitchen from Kitchens and Baths by Michael S. Smith with stainless island with long drawer pulls, a black floor, white cabinets, two pendant lights and stainless appliances

Bathroom in book by Kitchens and Baths by Michael S. Smith with a white stand alone tub, upholstered flower print arm chair, white vanity with gold drawer pulls, and a table
I like this bath...great floor...and wouldn't it me nice to have enough room to have enough room in the bath area for a table, stool and make up area....oh....I'll continue to dream. (above)

Modern bathroom in Kitchens and Baths by Michael S. Smith with striped marble walls and step in tub and a tile floor

Bathroom in Kitchens and Baths by Michael S. Smith with marble walls, pendant light and wall mounted sink

I love the modern kitchen in the middle above with the little dog over by the window!  Any of these rooms strike your fancy?

Thank you Michael for having a copy of the book sent my way...wonderful!

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  So excited for friend K. Cooper Ray, he is the mastermind behind Social Primer - a blog, a bow tie line for men and now a furniture collection.  Today Cooper debuts his Social Primer collection of furniture on One Kings Lane in a Tastemaker Tag Sale!  Woohooo...congrats Cooper!

P.P.S.  Complicated story about what I did last night but it involved the famed Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, a book signing party and me being completely distracted as I gazed longingly from the courtyard up into the windows of this huge mansion.  Bottom line is there is a design show house at Greystone opening in December for Luxe magazine (all of these great designers have done rooms) is the "press" preview...since I "work" at a non press job, I will will not be attending the "press"/"blogger" preview (I don't like attending things that are meant for "bloggers" for some reason even though I guess I am a "blogger"...friend EJJ mentioned that I should be proud to be a blogger and that in fashion bloggers are now sitting front row at the runway shows...point was well taken but I still can't attend today's "press"/"blogger" day.  So last night, I was invited to a book signing party at Greystone by friend JD...I met him and EJJ (two guys who don't quite understand I think why I am so into design)...hoping I would get to see the inside of the Greystone mansion and all of the design...I rushed over to the huge mansion in Beverly Hills...I arrived only to find that the book signing party was only set up in the instead of being social and chatty...I was distracted and kept glancing furtively at the windows of the huge mansion...this is a slightly pathetic story....I know...I can't help it. was kind of cool being at this historic mansion at night.  It is both beautiful and a bit eery!  So are some photos!

People mingling at a book signing at the Greystone Mansion
Book signing party at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills last night (above)

Rear exterior of the Greystone Mansion
Rear exterior of the Greystone Mansion! (above)

Gardens at the Greystone Mansion at nigh
Gardens at the Greystone Mansion at night! (above)

P.P.P.S.  I think I freaked EJJ out yesterday when he greeted me and said "Isn't this great" regarding Greystone...and I said "Oh yes.  This is exactly the type of home I want to live in."  I think the unequivocal stance I took on a potential future home would make anyone wonder what planet I'm living on...yes, I do want a mansion...yes I do...lah dee dah...dah dah dah...planet Nbaynadamas. :-)
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