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Desk made of turned wood and a series 7 white chair in a tiny apartment

I like this little tiny small apartment.  830 square feet to be exact.  It feels light, bright and airy.  No frills really as far as decor...but it hits the nail on the head on making a small space feel as large as possible.

Some tips...

1. Less is more - A little furniture goes a long way in small space.   In a living room, a sofa, a side chair, storage armoire, a coffee table and a credenza for the t.v. - that's it.  In the bedroom, a desk, two chairs and a bed...done.  Functional and it looks good too because there is not a lot of furniture piled on top of furniture. I might suggest adding one extra comfortable chair in the living room as the space should be comfy and inviting for guests!

Living room in a tiny apartment with light wood floors, neutral light gray walls, white furnishings, a grey sofa with a wood coffee table and a bright blue and white rug
Light wood floors, neutral light gray walls, and white furnishings help keep this space feeling clean and organized. (above and below)

Alternative view of the living room with light wood floors, neutral light gray walls, and white furnishings

Bright white living room in a tiny apartment with a view into the bed room

2. Peek-a-boo - I think drapery and curtains are a must in most spaces...but if for some reason your view allows privacy and a curtain-less window can provide the maximum light...then I say go for a bare windows look!  Eliminates visual clutter and no drapery to obstruct light.  More light means a more cheerful space.  I know...this is considered a no no no to the interior design world.  A window without shades or drapes?  Who would ever suggest that?

Simple bedroom in a tiny apartment with a desk and arne jacobsen series 7 chair, large bed, blue rug, and built in book shelf with glass door

bedroom in a tiny apartment with blue rug, light wood floors, grey walls, a floating nightstand with wall mounted lights
A floating nightstand and wall mounted reading lights means allows more room for a large bed. (above)

3.  Go big or go home in one room - Most people are afraid of wallpaper...I am.  I think though in a small house or apartment it is imperative to have a little fun in one room with wall coverings or wallpaper.  This Swedish inspired geometric print works in this kitchen I think...adds some texture and pattern to an otherwise simple space.  Definitely conversation starter around the eat-in kitchen dining table.  Yes?

Kitchen in a small apartment with a chandelier, geometric wallpaper, blue bench, high table with mismatched chairs and a wood floor

Alternative view of the kitchen in a tiny apartment with chandelier, geometric wallpaper, white cabinets and drawers, a cozy breakfast nook with a bench and mismatched chairs a wood floor and a striped rug

What do you think of this small apartment? What do you think of these tips...any you just absolutely object to with every fiber in your body...LOL!? Please do tell.  Anything you might add or subtract to make this space work?

Happy Monday!


P.S. Had a fabulous family brunch at Shutters yesterday right ....then sis DS and I took a nice little walk along the beach...crisp and clear...a perfect California fall afternoon...see below.

Santa Monica beach on a sunny Southern California afternoon
Santa Monica beach on a sunny Southern California Sunday afternoon! (above)

Exterior of shutters,a  santa monica hotel and restaurant

tea at hotel and resturant shutters in Santa Monica, California

P.P.S.  Forgot to mention the fun dinner I went to last week (see below). A girls dinner it was called. Well considering I was the only girl there who is not was a regular dinner for me and a girls dinner for everyone else. Hmmmmm...need a cute boyfriend so I can attend a girls dinner and call it a girls dinner!  Anyhoooooo...after attending a live recording of the X Factor over on the CBS lot - this is my favorite show in the entire world (although last night, while working on my laptop, I was watching something called Ice Road Truckers Dangerous Roads for no reason and was riveted...these truckers driving on treacherous roads in Bolivia and every minute their trucks are about to tumble off of cliff...totally not my thing and on History Channel (oy) but I was glued to the t.v. nonetheless...), I headed over to a dinner with friends Alison Blumenfeld of Blumenfeld Interiors and Kristi Bender partner at Wendy Schwartz Design and new friend AK (I only use initials because I don't know if AK would want me to use her full name). anyhooo...AK was carrying the most to-die for quilted Chanel bag...must have this purse...AK says she got it years ago...uh oh...just talking about the purse is making me anxious...I need that is too cute...ahhhhhh....I NEED that purse...inhale...exhale...breathe...think big picture...calm...okay.

Chanel purse
AK's Chanel this (I think Kristi B is doing the Vanna White honors here...nice nail polish!)! (above)

P.P.P.S. Just talked to best of guy friend BN...he just told me that all of my friends were at a party this weekend but no one invited me along...hmmmm...nice...:-(...he said when he was talking to all of our mutual friends he thought "This might have been a fun party for Coco..."...well at least he thought of me...trying to look on the bright side of things here and not get huffy at all of the friends who didn't invite me along or think of me.  Props to you BN for at least having a passing thought about me...hmmm....need higher standards perhaps if this is what I am giving props for!  LOL!

P.P.P.P.S.  Need to shower...will be late to work...have very nice boss though so maybe he'll overlook me being a few minutes behind.  :-)  Maybe...?  I hope.

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