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Living room with long light blue sofa, a white arm chair, glass coffee table, wood floor, a white cubby style book shelf with a large portrait above it

On the weekends, my dream is to keep things simple.  That's why for the last few weeks I've posted some photos of living rooms with very simple design aesthetic.

I dream...reality though is far from my dream.  I dream of keeping things simple on the weekends but I am doing the exact opposite every weekend.  Making the weekends as jam packed and busy as ever with all things Nbaynadamas.   All good and I am enjoying it but definitely the opposite of simple!

As an example of how I complicate my weekends...Yesterday, last minute, I called fab photographer Hugh Hamilton and asked if we could do a quick weekend photo shoot of all of the new Nbaynadamas offerings for 2012.  I am headed out next week for a Nbaynadamas related business trip and wanted to get started shooting all of the new goodies in the collection...that means today I am running like a chicken with no head.  We haven't even finished making some of the samples.  Ooooohhhhh...yikes.

Gotta run.  I wish you a simple and relaxing weekend.  I will stop for a moment in the chaos of today and take a look at this living room with its super long light blue sofa and calming color palette and almost bare decor...I'll look and dream of the simple life!  No clutter, no frills (almost no furniture I might add!), no nonsense...just the basics.

What do you think of this room?  Not enough frills for you or just right?  What would you add to or subtract from this space?  I might add something in the corners to fill up the dead space there, some accessories like pillows, throws and a few decorative knick knacks to warm things up and...ooohhh...there I go complicating things agan.

Happy Saturday!


P.S.  Gift shopping...still not too late to order your Nbaynadamas candles in time for Christmas or as hostess gifts for those holiday parties.   We sold out of a few fragrances last week but more are coming in on Tuesday and we can send out right away.  They come gift wrapped stop shopping!

Photo: Jeff McNamara
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Write by: AN - Saturday, December 10, 2011


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