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All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
Round glass table with metal legs on a mosaic floor with a crystal table setting and a large white hydrangea plant in a glass vase writing this post on 3 hours of may just want to look at the pictures.

Okay...a couple things to start off. It is 7:45am EST. Am actually on the plane (a Delta coach...grrrr...) from Atlanta to Los Angeles writing this post...hoping my computer doesn't run out of battery. The guy next to me is snoring and I've been up since 4am Atlanta time trying to get a flight out. on the plane now and headed home from the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market where I was showing the Nbaynadamas textiles collection once again to buyers, designers and the like...I left so I could get home to Los Angeles to begin set up for a big Nbaynadamas photo shoot we are doing tomorrow night (after I work all day at my day job) at my sis DS's house (I've kicked her out and warned her that her house will be a war zone for several hours...she just said "okay"...gotta love a big sister...if you don't have one...go get one...I'm talking about a big

Wait...I started off saying a couple of things...I've already forgotten what the couple things are or were or are. Oh it is Martin Luther King Day...happy to have the day off and happy to take some time to think about all of the wonderful things Dr. King did for this country. He was an amazing man. Happy MLK day! Was that one of the couple things?

Oh the other couple of things...I was going to stay in Atlanta all day today because I didn't have time yesterday or the day before or the day before to run over to the tchotchke ridden "cash and carry" section of the trade show to get this sparkling cheap necklace key chain I love for $6. I decided I would have to do without the key chain necklace so I could make it home this morning to get everything done that I need to get done. I know...none of this is making sense...I am deliriously tired (had margaritas last night with all of the showroom sales reps...had a blast talking to my new friend Mary Claire from Mississippi and laughing with Nicole W.).

Computer battery is on the verge of running out...what is the point of these computer batteries anyway? Why do they run out so quickly. Arrrrghhhhhh. Have 39 minutes to finish this post according to the battery meter...but I know that means I have just 10 minutes. Yikes.

Back to a couple of things...let's see...hmmmmm...mind wandering now...watching people sleep in funny ways on the big burly guy across the aisle from me is almost curled up into a ball. I need sleep.

This is ridiculous...I apologize. You can officially delete Nbaynadamas from your reading list after this post. Let me snap out of it. Wake up. Okay. Focus...I've got it.

So, I've had the most fantastic time over the last few days hanging out at the Christian Mosso Associates Showroom (CMA) in Atlanta where I have a small selection of the Nbaynadamas textiles collection on display. Showroom owners Christian and Laura Mosso and showroom manager Nicole Wicking make CMA feel like a home away from home. I know going to market can be tiring but CMA is just such a warm and wonderful showroom amidst all of the other very serious other showrooms. Everyone and I mean everyone at CMA is bubbly and happy.  The environment is filled with all of the wonderful textiles, furniture and gift collections.  Everything is so pleasant to look at.  At CMA, they serve lunch (super yummy comfort food), lots of snacks and every day at about 2:30p that start serving wine to customers, showroom vendors, sales reps or anyone who stops by.  A great place to hang out and most definitely a great place to spend part of the day shopping I think.

I love CMA.  I am so thrilled that they picked up the Nbaynadamas is my home away from home in Atlanta. :-)

Here's a little abbreviated tour of the showroom and a glimpse of some of the collections.

Close up of table setting and large white hydrangea plant in a glass vase on the round glass table above

The center room at Christian Mosso Associates showroom
The center room at Christian Mosso Associates houses Dash & Albert rugs. (above)
Nbaynadamas section of at theChristian Mosso Associates Showroom
My tiny little Nbaynadamas corner is jam packed with a small selection of all Nbaynadamas pillows, throws, drapery and more. They added a daybed into my nook this show. This is where I stand during the show and greet store buyers, designers and even some fantastic Nbaynadamas readers! (above)

Large bed with metal canopy frame by Corsican at the The center room at Christian Mosso Associates showroom
Corsican, a metal works furniture company, makes all of the beds featured on the CMA showroom floor.  I like this canopy bed.  My friend JK is looking for something like this.  JK if you are reading this Corsican has the bed you are looking for. (above)

Metal bed frame painted white to look like birch trees by Corsican with chunky purple and white knit throws and matching bedding
California based Pom Pom Interiors' romantic bed and chunky throws are just dreamy. Bed is from Corsican.(above and below)

Close up of Pom Pom's chunky knit throws in light purple, grey, white and cream.

Pumpkin and white bedding by Coyuchi on a bed with a metal frame with a painted headboard and art deco details on the head and foot boards
Another California based company, Coyuchi, shows bedding in a wonderful pumpkin color with more of an almost Southwestern feel. (above and below)

Close up of the orange and white Coyuchi pillows

White bedding with cane pattern board by Monde Maison on a bed with a metal bedframe
Love the embroidered cane pattern border on this wonderful Monde Maison bedding! (above and below)

Close up of the embroidered cane pattern border on Monde Maison bedding

Pine Cone Hill's section of the with chintz and mesh bedding on a metal bedframe with curved headboard at the Christian Mosso Associates showroom
A little chintz and some earthy mesh make for a wonderful bed in the Pine Cone Hill section of the showroom. (above and below)

Close up of the chintz and mesh pillows

Close up of one of the mesh pillows

Three women at the Christian Mosso Associates showroom
Sales Rep. Kendra H., showroom manager Nicole W. and  showroom owner Laura  Mosso  take a moment to catch up  during the busy day. (above)

Nbaynadamas Loop pillow in yellow on white, yellow and mustard bedding from the Downtown Company
A Nbaynadamas Loop boudoir pillow matches the bedding from the Downtown Company. (above and below)

Close up of the Nbaynadamas Loop pillow in yellow on Downtown Company

Christian Mosso Associates showroom with a round table surrounded by painted chairs, a crystal chandelier and a large goblet style vase holding a bouquet of hydrangeas

So which of these vignettes do you like the most?  I of course love my little Nbaynadamas area...but I also love all things Pom Pom interiors as well!

The showroom carries so many other textile lines including Serena & Lily, Designer's Guild, Fino Lino, Pillow Talk, A Soft Idea and so much more.  Also,  they carry fantastic furniture collections, dinnerware, lighting (great chandeliers) and in their gift section which is on a different floor they carry my design crush Jonathan Adler's candles.  For buying purposes, the showroom is for store buyers and designers (to the trade) but if you ever get a chance to go into America's should stop by...tell them Coco sent you!

UPDATE:  With less than an hour left to go in the flight, my computer battery did indeed die.  So now, hours later, still no sleep, I am home...hence the late post.  I have gained my wits about me though.  Read what I wrote earlier and see how incoherent it really leaving it as is...a cautionary tale of sorts...don't write and fly tired!

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Must give a shout out to all of my friends at here goes... hi to Mary B., Mary C. (February and ornaments), Gary, Barry, Janet, Allie, Amanda, Treffery, Beverly (hope you start reading blogs), Nikki, Valerie, Souzan from Downtown, Andrew from PCH (thanks), Michelle from PCH (car ride was hilarious), Kristina (nice meeting you), Hilde from Pom Pom (thanks for the Southern dinner with fried food and all), Sam from Pom Pom (see you in NYC), Jackie from Pom Pom (thanks for the reading suggestions), Kendra, my friend Nicole (thank you for getting me back to the W Hotel) and of course Laura and Christian Mosso!  Did I forget someone?  I'm sure I did...but I'll add in as I remember!

P.P.S.  Home for a bit here in my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills...then I head off to New York at the end of the month for the big gigantic New York International Gift Fair...we're building a bigger booth than we had last year...last year's Nbaynadamas booth worked but this one is just a tad bigger.  Come see me there if you are attending that show.

P.P.P.S. I hope Nbaynadamas reader Ruth reads this post.  She always emails me about my typos and I so appreciate it.  My mother emails me too about the typos.  Go ahead mom, please let me know how many this time.  At one point, I had so many typos in my posts my mother said she gave up.  Please please mom, I need you.  This post was written while I was exhausted.  I welcome all of the input...typos, grammar, syntax...anything!

All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
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