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Main hallway with black and white checkered marble floor and a view into the wood paneled library

I'm fascinated with the brand that fashion designer Tory Burch has built...I am now equally fascinated with her rather regal Southampton estate!

Was browsing around Vogue's website and noticed they had a bit about Tory's stunning home in the Hamptons.  Very traditional but a place I could certainly all home!

With the help of architect and designer Daniel Romualdez, and decorator Eve Hood, Tory created a grand home that also looks extremely comfortable and accessible.

I read this New York Magazine article on Tory Burch and her ex-husband Chris Burch this weekend while driving out to my parents' house with my sis DS.  What was most interesting about the article was reading about how Tory's company got started and has grown.  She had a vision and made it happen. Just a few years after starting her company, Tory Burch the brand is valued in the billions.  Wow.

So let's see...Tory is fashionable, has a fantastic country house, and has built an amazing business...not to mention she's a mom of 3!  My design crush and friend of Nbaynadamas Jonathan Adler might have to inch over a bit and make some room for Tory Burch on my design icon bench!'s Tory's little country house...

Living room with coral needlepoint louis XVI chairs, botanical printed sofa, coral curtains and a crystal chandelier
Needlepoint Louis XVI chairs, an antique crystal chandelier and coral colored drapes make for a very pleasant traditional living room. (above)

sun room with french doors, woven chairs, blue and white chinese garden stools, and quadrille wallpaper
Woven furniture and blue and white china are mainstays in Tory's sunny solarium. (above)

tory burch in her dining room with paneled walls designed to look like Iznik tiles by Iksel
Tory wearing a white Valentino dress in her dining room with blue printed walls fashioned by Paris based wallpaper designer Iksel so they look like Persian Iznik tiles! (above)

exterior of a pool house with trellis detailing
The pool house features a dark trellis front. (above)

tory burch home estate with trellis garden structures, table cloth on a round table, bistro chairs, blue floral table cloth
Outdoor dining at its best! (above)

exterior of brick Georgian style house with long driveway surrounded by allee trees
The long drive leading to the brick Georgian style house makes for a very grand entrance or exit! (above)
Not sure where to start here with what I like...I like so much!  I love the outdoor dining room and I love that printed wallpaper in the formal dining room to name a few!  Lovely home!  What do you think? Do you like this home?  Is it too formal or just right for you (I imagine myself living in a castle one day, so no home is too formal for me)? What do you think of Tory Burch's style at home?

Happy Wednesday!


Photos: Vogue
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