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White foyer with wood floor, round table, Persian rug, and glass pendant light
This lovely foyer screams good taste and refinement with an antique leather top round table, Persian rug, and glass pendant light all set against a white backdrop. (above)

Where traditional meets fresh...where dark meets light...where elegance meets simplicity...that's exactly where this Washington D.C. area home falls.

The home was fashioned by superstar interior designer Darryl Carter for a husband and wife who are both doctors, their three children and one dog. A family home with lots of style.  Perfection indeed.

White living room with dueling sofas, turned wood chairs, french doors and ironstone dishware in the built in shelving
With very little color, this neutral toned living room is bright and vibrant and includes lots of interesting lines including those of the turned wood chairs, the french doors and the ironstone dishware in the built in shelving. (above)

Kitchen with white cabinetry, dark green soapstone counters with a matching island and dark wood stools
Traditional white cabinetry work perfectly with the dark green soapstone counters in the home's airy kitchen. (above)

Breakfast nook with black pendant lights and a wood table surrounded by white chairs with upholstered seats
Love these black brass pendant lights hanging over the breakfast nook table! (above)

light blue and white bedroom with a four poster bed, floral curtains, a trunk at the foot of the bed, wood floor and a sisal rug
The master bedroom gets just the right shade of light blue and a grand four poster bed in white. (above)

White bathroom with Carrara marble floors= in the form of a hexagon mosaic, counters and tub surround, a French door leads to a patio
Majestic marble - Carrara marble is the classic material of choice in the bathroom on the floors in the form of a hexagon mosaic, on the tub surround and on the counters. (above)
What do you think of this family home?  Like or dislike?  Which room is your favorite?  I think mine is the breakfast nook (oh yes and the foyer).

Happy Monday!


P.S.  Had a nice dinner with JD, AB and BE on Saturday night.  Very fun.  We were celebrating JDs birthday.  Great conversation and good company.  A delightful dinner if I do say so.   All went smoothly and was so pleasant, although, I think they all looked at me askance when I mentioned that I had in the past read a John Grisham book or two (a not too proud moment of admission on my part....this is a secret I rarely fact, I used to carry two books when I traveled...a good reputable book to wave around in public places and then a John Grisham that I could read in one day.  I come from an academic family (my mother is a college professor) and my friends in NY are the types who actually do a lot of reading and John Grisham unfortunately does not usually make their reading list I write this, I'm thinking I wonder if he's written any new ones...hmmm...must is a problem...I must break this habit...). I think JD was telling us some random story about something that happened to him when he lived in D.C. and I blurted out "oh my gosh that sounds exactly like all of my John Grisham books!"...they all laughed...uh oh...need to start going through the New York Times best seller list and reading those...not for the pure joy of reading but to save face at dinner parties!

P.P.S.  Oh...some great news...Nbaynadamas pillows and throws are now in Harbinger - an extremely prestigious furnishings and textiles showroom here in Los Angeles.  I am so thrilled.  Harbinger, which is run by uber designer/tastemakers Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat, is one of the most chic showrooms in the country!  I am so honored and thrilled to have bits and pieces of my collection there!  Yay!

P.P.P.S.  Bought $349 worth of organizing things this weekend and they are still in bags...hmmm....was supposed to go through all of my paperwork and organize, organize, organize...instead all I did was stare stare stare at it all and did nothing nothing nothing...hmmm...

P.P.P.P.S.  Got a sweet email this weekend from good friend SK who I went to law school with in Washington D.C.  Haven't heard from SK in awhile.  He wrote to recall all of those times we drove around in his convertible when we lived in D.C. and how we belted out Whitney Houston songs (we were out of tune definitely...she was so in tune of course) as we cruised around town.  I had forgotten those moments until he wrote me.  Made me smile.

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Another week we we go....!!!!!

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Did I mention that February is supposed to be my month of being coy and not over sharing (my best of friend AM, and good friend AOB and I coined a phrase way back when called Over Sharing Syndrome (OSS) and I definitely have it)?  It isn't working so far.  I just decided back in January that the girls who get ahead in life are always a little more coy and mysterious (almost cagey...).  So I vowed that during the month of February I would be coy and mysterious. we are...oy vey...coy and mysterious are both stubbornly eluding me for some reason.  Help.

Photos: Max Kim Bee for Country Living
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