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Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
Mark Rothko, No. 61 Rust & Blue
Mark Rothko, No. 61 Rust & Blue, 1953 - My favorite painting of all times that is in MOCA's permanent collection!(above)

A girl (me) walks into a museum (the Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A.) the other night (Saturday) and sees the head of said prestigious museum and then immediately tells him that one day she wants to buy a piece of art (Mark Rothko's No. 61 in Blue and Rust) that is currently in the museum's permanent collection (it's been there for around 30 years) the question is...who does this girl (me) think she is? Right?

Well the above scenario is not at all fictional...this took place this last weekend at MOCA's Fresh Auction - a silent auction that raises money for the museum. 

I (the girl) walked into the museum on Saturday night wearing vintage Prada I might add (vintage meaning it has been in my closet for about 10 years - so instead of calling it an "old dress", I'll be like those other girls who do not over share and call it "vintage").  Sis DS and I were on the host committee of the event.  Rather than greeting Jeffrey Deitch, MOCA's Director with normal light party banter as you should probably greet the head of a major world recognized museum...I barely said hello and launched into what was on my mind.  Basically I told Jeffrey that I wanted to one day buy a very famous piece of art (the one pictured above) and asked if that would be possible. Simple statement and question.  Oh did I mention that said art is part of the museum's permanent collection and is probably worth millions, if not tens of millions.  Just a few obstacles. My sis DS looked at me amused and slightly surprised that I would use the little time we had to say our hellos to Jeffrey with my odd announcement and question.  Sis DS is very friendly with Jeffrey as she sits on some museum committees and they go to dinner from time to time so I think that's why he indulged me and didn't totally look at me like I was bonkers (although he may have thought it).  They both grinned and then Jeffrey actually said "Good question"!

Before I had a textiles collection, before the interior design blog, before I was a t.v. executive, a television producer and a news reporter, before I went to law school, I was an art history major in college.  I've spent years going to museums and appreciating art...but as of late I've had little or no time for art.  So it was great being back at MOCA and wandering through the galleries enjoying the amazing art!

Here are some pictures from my night at the contemporary museum!

crowd at the MOCA Fresh Auction
The crowd at the MOCA Fresh Auction (above)

Robert Rauschenberg, Lotus II
Robert Rauschenberg, Lotus II, 2008 was up for auction with a retail value of $22,000! (above and below)

Close up of Robert Rauschenberg's Lotus II

Chris Oatey, Diffusion
This Chris Oatey, Diffusion, 2008 was also part of the silent auction. (above)

Close up of a piece by Brian Wills
My favorite L.A. artist Brian Wills also contributed a mixed media piece to the auction...Brian is known for his linear graphic designs. (above)

Entrance to MOCA's permanent collection
After enjoying the auction, we then headed over to the museums permanent collection wing to take a tour...the galleries were empty as I think auction guests didn't know that they were open to the public! (above)

Coco of COCOCOZY with her favorite Rothko painting
Me spending a little quiet time in front of my favorite Mark Rothko painting. (above)

Close up of Number 1 by Jackson Pollock
This work by artist Jackson Pollock is an iconic classic and is also part of MOCA's permanent collection.  It is entitled Number 1, 1949 and is enamel and metallic paint on canvas. Love it. (above and below)

Number 1 by Jackson Pollock

Number 1 by Jackson Pollock from a distance

Cy Twombly, Untitled
Cy Twombly, Untitled 1967. Oil and crayon on canvas.  My sis DS loves this modern classic. (above)

outside MOCA the night of the auction
The party was held at MOCA on Grand Street...a full blown party upstairs and the auction was quite a sparkling night! (above)

Are you a fan of contemporary art?  If you had to chose a famous painting for your home, what might that be?  Do you like anything you see here or is this all too modern for you?

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  After the museum, we headed to popular Los Angeles downtown restaurant Church & State and had a lovely meal.  Very lively at 9:30p at night (we had to wait 15 minutes for a table) and the food was absolutely delish...haven't been there in a few years and this time the food was excellent.
people inside Church & State
Church & State in Los Angeles. (above and below)

glass of champagne at Church & State

P.P.S.  Helping best of friend FF with a little something having to do with her huge New Orleans mansion!  I hope it works out and I have stories to tell later in the year!

P.P.P.S.  Was on the phone with other best of friend AM the other day and she was telling me how I need to watch Downtown Abbey.  She watched all of Season 1 online and got caught up a few weeks back and totally loves the show.  When I said, "Oh, I think I would like Downtown Abbey".  She replied, "Duntown".  I said, "Downtown".  She then said "Duntown".  Then I said, "Downtown". And she said, "No it's Duntown." This went back and forth at least 4 times.  It seems that those in the "Downtown Abbey" know pronounce don't pronounce "downtown" the way the rest of us unsavvy pronounce the word.  Who knew....hmmmm.....???? Realized later I was misspelling and incorrectly pronouncing the name of the show which in fact is Downton! You live and you learn.  Although you would think best of friend AM might say something instead of going back on and forth with me!  LOL!

P.P.P.P.S.  CL, I did get your emails about not being able to go the auction but getting a chance to go to the preview.  Next time you'll have to make it to the event!  It was very exciting.

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Happy Tuesday again! Hope you have a fantastic day.

Photos in this post by Coco of COCOCOZY
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