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Canopy style shades cover an outdoor terrace that overlooks a hillside. Under the canopy are Moroccan style side tables and wood outdoor furniture
Canopy style shades cover a lovely outdoor terrace that overlooks a hillside! Love the Moroccan style side tables and the wood outdoor furniture - gives it a majestic feel of sorts! (above)

The May issue of Elle Decor is out and the folks at that very venerable magazine have been sweet enough to offer COCOCOZY an EXCLUSIVE preview from the issue that hits stands today. Feel very important getting an exclusive from Elle Decor (feeling of importance is fleeting as I'm sure something will happen as soon as I post this that will make me feel less important...).

Outdoor living! Who doesn't love a great outdoor space?  These and more are featured in the magazine to give examples and ideas on what to do with an outdoor patio or terrace.  All feature different looks, wood furniture with an international flair, woven outdoor lounging with a hint of romance, and sleek clean line modern.  Which of these outdoor living rooms do you prefer?

Backyard with an arbor made up of Doric columns and vines with an outdoor living room underneath
Romance in the arbor made up of Doric columns and lots of vines with a nice outdoor living room setting underneath! (above)

sleek, sparsely decorated wooden deck with a yellow chair that matches the yellow hedge
Sleek and modern deck with a pop of yellow - why not match your plants or flowers to your outdoor furniture?  Love the yellow hedge that compliments the sparse furniture on this modern wood outdoor space. (above)

Which of these outdoor spaces do you prefer?  I'm leaning towards the sleek and modern at the bottom.  Do tell!

Thanks for the exclusive preview Elle Decor!  Send more my way for future issues please!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Check out my COCOCOZY favorite neighborhood places list today on The List Collective.  Elaine Brooks who is the founder and editor of The List Collective asked me to come up with my local favorites in Los Angeles (she's asked others like that interior designing Novogratz couple who have all of those kids and fashion designer Chris Benz to do the same). Was so much fun giving a shout out to those places and people I love stopping in to see and hopefully some cool finds for you. 

"sketch" of Coco from COCOCOZY on the home page of The List Collective
A "sketch" of me on the home page of The List Collective! (above)

P.P.S. The funniest part about The List Collective article is that Elaine equates me (Coco of COCOCOZY) to twitter phenom DKNY PR Girl. Had never heard of DKNY PR Girl...but my own p.r. guru Stephanie Tsai tells me that DKNY PR Girl was a mystery girl like me for years and all she did was tweet about fashion and the like...she developed a huge following and then and then she was unveiled not too long ago and it was a big deal. I'm not trying to be mystery though...just a girl who loves decor just trying to get by day.  Wish I could surround myself with intrigue and mystery.  Instead, I sit here with my hair in a lopsided ponytail, in my Juicy Couture sweats (very not chic but comfy) and a striped top (yes, these serve as my p.j.s) before work, typing furiously because I don't want to be late and I still have to get in the shower, pick out an outfit that is good for the office and for an evening t.v. shoot on the streets of Los Angeles ....  Nothing cool and mysterious about that.  Oh did I mention the gym socks?

P.P.P.S. Wait...I love the IDEA of being a REALITY that is far from the truth. I do so much over sharing here on the blog and in life in general, it would really be a stretch to call me a mystery...hmmm... Didn't I try being coy and mysterious for month earlier this year and I ended up sharing more than ever? Need a course on how to be quiet, coy and mysterious. :-)

P.P.P.P.S.  Anyhooooo....back to decor...this post got me thinking...I need to redo my outdoor living space at my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  I just redid it 2 summers ago and now I think I am over it.  Take a look at these pictures of the deck  and let me know what you is now more worn and tired as I refuse to cover my furniture in the "winter" here...I think I want to change it all and try for an entirely different look...more sleek and modern...ooohhhhh....exciting....oh...not exciting...will just add another thing to my to do list...oooohhhh but would be exciting to redecorate.  Must consider. 

P.P.P.P.P.S. Yesterday, was wearing a cute Max Mara red dress I stole from my sis DS. A man at work stopped my office and said "You normally wear dark colors. This is a nice change. You look good in solids". I normally wear solid colors (I'm not a print girl at all when it comes to wardrobe) and I've never had someone tell me "you look good in solids". I said "thank you" and then spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what it means to look good in solids. Hmmm....listen...beggars can't be choosers...I'll take (or grab) a compliment anyway I can!

P.P.P.P.P.P.S.  Happy Tuesday!

Photo credits: Image 1 - Grey Crawford / ELLE DECOR; Image 2 - Roger Davies / ELLE DECOR; Image 3 - Sean Laurenz / ELLE DECOR
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