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traditional wood sleigh bed with pink bedding in a girl's room with a pink canopy and white window
A traditional wood sleigh bed with pink bedding in a cute little girl's room. A good classic bed selection because can easily transition this bed into this little girl's teens with just a change of bedding. (above)

Kids need cute bedrooms too!  Love a well dressed room for a boy or girl and the centerpiece of that room is the bed!  So what to do when picking out a bed for a child's room?  Here are some bed ideas!

Boys bedroom with lime green upholstered headboard, striped carpet and white and wood chest of drawers
A lime green upholstered headboard is the perfect accent in this sporty boy's room. (above)

two sets of white bunk beds with one ladder in a blue room
Bunk beds in the drawers. (above)

twin bed with drawers and a bookshelf attached, wood floor with rug covered in multicolored squares and a large window with aview of a city
An all in one option twin bed with drawers and a bookshelf attached! (above)

Girls bedroom with pink and green upholstered beds separated by a white drawer and shelf divider, each half of the room has the same wall paper in different color, the blinds are lime green striped
These girs have it lucky...full size pink and green upholstered beds in a shared bedroom. (above)
Which of these rooms do you like most for a child (a question for moms and future moms).  I like the idea of shared the bunks or the pink and green bedroom work for me (until I was about 9, I shared a room with my sis DS and it was so much fun).  Do you like or do you think a kids room should be more basic (considering they may grow out of it)?  Do tell.

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P.S.  Was in Puerto Vallarta this weekend for the wedding of TG and AG.  AG is my good good friend and I wouldn't have missed her wedding for anything.  It was absolutely lovely.  It was so sweet to see my good friend walk down the aisle and marry the man she loves!  Very romantic.  She got married on a bluff right on the water right at sunset.  It was so amazingly wonderful.  Congrats to AG and her new hubby TG!

floral pom pom attached to a fabric wrapped arch
A floral pom pom attached to a fabric wrapped arch at AG'S (formerly AZ) amazing Puerto Vallarta wedding. (above)

P.P.S.  At the wedding weekend,  I also got to catch up with all my girl friends from around the country including HW, CJ, KD, AL, WH, AS and more.  The weather was gorgeous.  Spent a lot of time at the pool.  No computer with me by the was a nice vacation!

P.P.P.S.  Oh forgot to mention...on the rehearsal dinner night, the bride and groom decided that everyone should do karaoke.  So I had the bright idea that we should I convinced good friend CJ and the groom's sister who I've known for years to do a rendition of Queen's Boheman Rhapsody...first of all wrong song choice completely...we sounded like three cats in a bag. Out of tune...singing the wrong lyrics...stopping during the middle of the performance and just standing there looking out over the crowd of about 100. During the musical interlude...we broke out into our own impromptu song about the bride and groom...then we would go back to our massacre of the song.    That song is extremely long by the close to 6 minutes after first popping onto the stage...the 3 of us took a bow and ran off.  Our performance was described as "unique" and "interesting" and one woman's husband said nicely, "there was a lot of room for improvement"...another woman said, "Well at least you girls looked cute." Yup. Oh did I mention the groom taped the whole debacle on his iPhone!  Ay yi yi!  Must track down the groom when he gets back and delete that immediately!

Photos: The Glow; David Scott; Sherrill Canet; Agus Interiors; Erinn V Designs
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