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Girly walk in closet with white drawers, a shelf for shoes, hangers and wall paper with gold diamond filigree pattern

Starting this post with a non sequitur...

True story...

Last night, when I got home after a dinner out with a friend I found a strange delivery at my front door. It was 10pm. When I walked up the stairs to my little cottage...there was a bed on the front stoop. A bed? Yes. A bed. Really it was huge box that contained a large bed frame. I immediately texted a neighbor and asked her if it was was not. I did not order a bed. I don't need a bed...but for some reason someone delivered a bed to my front door. It looks like it came via FedEx. It was so heavy that I could not bring it in the house and it was so dark I couldn't read the label. This is one of those bizarre things that seems to happen to me on a regular basis. Anyhooo...I'll have CM look into this strange bed delivery situation today. Strange indeed.

Anyhooooooooo...back to design...lah dee dah.

So as you all know. I live in the smallest tiniest cottage in the Hollywood Hills. This means I have barely any closet space. I dream of a walk in dressing area...where I could study my wardrobe options, test out my fashion prowess, a vanity where I could preen and primp before leaving the house. Dreaming indeed. If I did have such a space, would I line the walls with wallpaper? Or would I leave them blank.

Take these two closets/dressing rooms for example...both very girly and feminine...both using wallpaper with a little shine and glimmer to it. Which of these do you like best? That's the question in today's this or that.

Girly walk in closet with buttery fly wall paper, a vanity, large mirror, stainless chair and white cabinets

close up of white cabinets in a girly closet

I'm liking the vanity dressing area with the butterfly wallpaper the best I think. I love the rock crystal knobs on the drawers.

Which do you like best? Or would you decline these girly closets and go for something more basic sans wallpaper?

Please do tell!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Our ever so popular porcelain Ginger Jar made the May/June issue of New York Spaces magazine!  For some reason, this little jar has been one of the more popular items in the COCOCOZY Random Stuff section of the COCOCOZY shop...that's the section where I curated a bunch of random home furnishings I love.  I have two of these jars sitting on my fireplace.  They are cute little accents!

New York Spaces Magazine cover
COCOCOZY jar featured in New York Spaces Magazine

P.P.S.  Hope you have a fabulous day!

Photos:  Mi Casa Revista; Modern Declaration
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