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exterior of a stable turned into a house if you read the blog regularly you've heard me mention that years ago I rode horses. I loved riding. Before work and on the weekends around 4 times a week, I would get up early early, put on my riding boots and pants, get down to the stable, tack up my horse (I leased a horse...I know...who knew you could lease and animal) and would spend an hour or so trotting, cantering and walking in circles. I stopped riding because I fell off the horse (not a proverb) and got back on (like you are supposed to) but then was a terrified wreck every time I rode after that minor fall. I still love horses and everything to do with riding.  I especially loved going down to the barn and spending time with the horse before and after the ride. Don't get me not one of those total animal people...I happen to have a dog (Mr. Boo) and I rode a leased horse for 5 years (Kip) but that is it - so it is a bit out of character for me to be doing the animal talk thing. I did like the whole horse culture though with the stables, the barn, the idea of a simpler life in the country ( I had to do a lot of imagining about that life while riding because I worked out with the horse at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center which is so far from the country and right on the side of a major freeway).

Anyhoooo...enough already with me waxing on and on and on and on and on about horses, me riding blah blah blah.

The point of the rambling does indeed tie into today's post.

Today I bring you a converted stable as the featured house in SEE THIS HOUSE. It is in Sweden. A converted stable or barn.

I like this home...modern and country classic at the same time. I also think the brick floors are kind of interesting...don't know if I could live with them on a day to day basis but the floors certainly work in a home that was once a horse stable. Take a look and let me know what you think!

living room inside a converted barn features brick floors, wood ceilings, exposed beams, and a modern fireplace mantel
The living room inside a converted barn features brick floors, wood ceilings and a modern fireplace mantel. (above)

Metal cafe chairs with furry modern cushions surround a traditional white farmhouse table in the home's dining area which also as a chandelier and white glass door cabinet
Metal cafe chairs with furry modern cushions surround a traditional white farmhouse table in the home's dining area. (above)

open kitchen dining area space is all white with black granite counters and appliances and a brick floor
The open kitchen dining area space is all white with black granite counters and appliances and that brick floor. (above)

gas range in the kitchen in black with a white tile backsplash
The gas range is in black with a white tile backsplash.  Stove from Smeg. (above)

master bedroom with wood floors, large windows and a crystal chandelier over a corner converted into a reading area with a cozy armchair and small table
Here's where the brick floors end...the master bedroom is on the first floor too but has wood floors, nice windows, lots of light and a little crystal chandelier over a reading area. (above)

Bathroom with cement Moroccan tile floor, the shower is not enclosed and the floor is continuous throughout the bathroom
Okay...I like the cement Moroccan tile floor in the bathroom.  Notice the shower is not enclosed and the floor is continuous throughout the bath!  Love this. (above)

guest room with sloped ceilings, plaid pillows, vintage tricycle and two leather chairs
I'd be happy to stay in this light guest bedroom with it's sloped ceilings and it's plaid pillows. (above and below)

close up of plaid pillow case and wood panel container converted into a nightstand

What do you think of this stable converted into a home? Like or dislike? Is it too quaint for you or could you live in this style home? Please weigh in!

Happy Wednesday!


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P.P.P.S.  I should start a weekly star siting segment on the blog...this past weekend I saw actor Mark Wahlberg in the vitamin section at Whole Foods.  Not that you care...but thought I would share.

P.P.P.P.S. Anyhoo...happy Wednesday again. Appreciate you all so much.

Photos: Hus o Hem
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