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People hanging out at a bar
The social scene at the Young Collectors Night at the Winter Antiques Show in New York! (above)

Last Thursday night I went to the Young Collector's Night at the Winter Antiques Show in New York City. The people running the show were kind enough to host me and best of friend AM that evening. I have gone to this particular antiques show party for the last three years...I enjoy it every time. It feels like ground hogs day though every time too. Each time, I have taken best of friend AM and usually her husband JE attends too but he couldn't this time because he was working.

Here's the rundown of what has happened each time. We arrive at the party at the Armory on the Upper East Side. I immediately see some antique furniture I love. I start snapping pictures. Best of friend AM bolts ahead of me and finds antique jewelry to look at while I fumble with all my electronic devices. I somehow find her in the crowd of well clad New Yorkers. And then repeat again. So the evening is typically spent with gawking over antiques, dropping cameras and phones and looking for best of friend AM. I have not once socialized with any of the party goers once...and I've even seen some designers I know. time will have to figure out some sort of tracking device for best of friend AM and also some sort of system for all of my portable electronics!

Anyhoooo...I love this party and antiques show. So much to much inspiration.

When I first walked in, I saw this table is my favorite piece in the entire show!

Round table inlaid with wood and ivory
Anglo-Indian carved and inlaid rosewood, ebony, mahogany, bone and ivory circular table. The top is formed spiraling petals.  Circa 1830 (above and below)

Detailing on the round table above

wood block printed wallpaper
Framed original floral wallpaper designs. Wood block printed. France. 1928-1930. (above)

close up of a sculpture by Harry Bertoia
"Dandelion" sculpture by Harry Bertoia. U.S.A.  1960's. Gilded steel wire and marble. (above and below)

Dandelion sculpture by Harry Bertoia

This last little table below was best of friend AM's favorite piece in the entire show.

close up of green, red and black beadwork table top by Michael von Selow
A German glass beadwork and ebonized table top attributed to Michael von Selow. 1755-1772. $38,000 (above and below)

glass beadwork table by Michael von Selow

The Winter Antiques Show ended yesterday. No worried though. This fantastic party and antiques showcase happens every year in late January/early February. It is great because proceeds from events like the opening parties go to benefit the East Side House Settlement, an organization that helps kids with educational tools and support.

Thanks to Josh S. for inviting us along!

Happy Monday!


P.S. Am back in Los Angeles. Back to work today on the real job front. Also, lots of work to do on fulfilling all of our market orders for COCOCOZY. This weekend I did a lot of catching up...but there is always so much more to do!

P.P.S. I almost bought the wallpaper prints above. They are $1800 each. What do you think. They are the original block prints of early 20th century wallpaper designs. Do you like? Should I buy (I really shouldn't...not in the budget right now)? Or is it okay to just admire from afar? Weigh in please!

P.P.P.S. Friday was a crazy day at COCOCOZY. On Thursday, we had an order for 50 COCOCOZY Lucite Trays that we had to get out of the door. We made it in time but just right at the FedEx deadline. I hopped off a plane at noon on Friday, got home, changed clothes, sped down to COCOCOZY HQ in Beverly Hills and then spent 2 hours buying packing supplies, packing trays and running back and forth to Fedex. Wow. Cutting it close but made it! Phew! Needless to say might be time to hire again!
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