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8'x11' COCOCOZY Loop rug in navy - Indo Tibetan hand knotted wool rug! (above)

Can a blogger be a blogger without a proper camera? If the answer is no...then I am not a blogger! Arrrghhh! I hopped a plane to High Point, NC on Saturday night (I took the red eye) with a HUGE piece of luggage, lots of purses and bags, tons of accessories, lots of shoes but with no camera charger. I had everything in the world that one could need for a three day, two night stay EXCEPT for a way to charge my little camera. (Aside: years ago I gave up on even pretending to be a light packer...when I go anywhere I try to ween down my travel wardrobe but always end up with big big big luggage...have always wanted to be a light packer...arrive for a 5 day trip with one little carry on...would seem so sophisticated and cosmopolitan and chic - the sign of a well traveled international girl...right?Instead...when I travel, I basically lug around my entire house and closet with me...very NOT chic, sophisticated or cosmopolitan...hmmmm...must figure this out in the next decade...anyhooo...)

All of this chitter chatter to say...I took these photos with a mix of Canon Elph and iPhone and even got so desperate at one point, I pulled out my Blackberry (which has THE worst camera in the world on it).

Today a bring you a smattering of not so professional photos of a few of the COCOCOZY for Capel Rugs collection...the 8'x11' super sized versions.

I spent much of my time at market sifting through the 24 rugs hanging in the Capel Rugs showroom at Market Square in High Point.

At one point, I was so eagerly leafing through the gigantic rugs, that I didn't notice that a Capel customer was on the other side and I almost smushed her in between the COCOCOZY gigantic rugs...would not have been good...right?

Must run off to my day I don't even have time to label these rug photos. I will a little later! Hope you enjoy COCOCOZY rugs - super sized!

Again, please excuse the dark dingy photography.  I probably should only show glam shots...but I wanted to give you a glimpse!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. A couple people to say hi to that I saw at High Point...a big thank you to blogging friends - Christian of Maison 21, Ashlina of The Decorista, and Edyta of Edyta and Co. for stopping by the Capel showroom!  So nice seeing you all.  I didn't see them but bloggers and friend Nicole Gibbons from So Haute also stopped by and my friend Paloma Contreras from La Dolce Vita did too - they both instagrammed some cute photos.  Thank you all for your support!

P.P.S. Also, was so nice chit chatting with the High Point University interior design students/interns who were working the showroom greeting guests...they were so cute and cheerful...Erica Lange, Amanda Holden and Breanna...wish you much luck with your studies...keep in touch please. Nice to see friend Alyssa Tamez and meet her guy Pete who owns a showroom called Grassroots...and there were so many more nice people who passed by.

P.P.P.S. Had the thrill of hanging out with t.v. personality Genevieve Gorder. We were staying at the same house that Capel rents in High Point (High Point is such a small town that there are not enough hotel rooms at time of families rent out their gorgeous houses for the week of market to different companies). She was leaving and I was arriving but we got a chance to spend about 2 hours chatting in the morning and sharing design stories. She is great. Genevieve also has a fantastic rug collection with Capel. Hi Genevieve and fab make up artist Randall.

P.P.P.P.S. Had a great dinner one night with darling Cameron Capel, cute Tami Wateras and the very nice Krissa Rossbund, Style Editor at Traditional Home. On Monday, we went into Greensboro and had a very nice dinner after a day on our feet at market. A fantastic group of girls.  Thanks Krissa for joining us!

P.P.P.P.P.S. Also had a great chat with Rebecca Hallberg from Edelman leathers...she is a blog reader and came by the COCOCOZY Linens by Downtown showroom to check out the new COCOCOZY bedding and to introduce herself. We had a nice nice talk! Hi Rebecca!

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