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Bank in form of pig Harry Allen light pink pale chrome piggy bank metallic
Pale Pink Bank in the form of Pig - $200 (Light pink piggy bank with chrome metallic finish) (above)

I have one of these cute metallic piggy banks in silver chrome.  I've had it for years - maybe 7 years or so.  It has moved from my home over to my office....and when I move back into my tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills, it may even come home with me.   Even though this little piggy bank style has been around for years, people still oooh and ahhhh over it.  Adds a bit of cute style to any room I think.

One of my colleagues had her little 4 year old son over into my office a few months back...he was playing with my silver pig when all of a sudden the ear broke off!  No worries was easily repaired with a little super glue...the four year old was so happy to see that the pig was indeed fine.

The pig was even up to no good once at my you can see in these videos - Part 1 and then Part 2! But generally the pig has been all good over the years. (you can see my old wood floors in the video by the way)

So when I saw these pastel pigs at market, I of course bought a bunch of them for the COCOCOZY shop.

I think these pastel piggies are just so cute.  Don't you?

Bank in form of Pig Harry Allen chrome metallic piggy bank light blue pale home decor accessory
Pale Blue Bank in the Form of a Pig - $200 (Light blue piggy bank with metallic chrome finish)(above)

Happy Friday!

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