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Books.  I was once a voracious reader of books.  Now, admittedly, I am not (my mother who is a college professor is cringing right now...sorry mom :-)!) .  I is not chic to say you don't have time to read.  But I am saying it...I do not have time to read anymore.  The reasoning would stand...if reading books is good and chic and reading makes people smarter...I am neither smart nor am I chic because I do not read?  Oy more thing for the to do list....note to self: pick up a good book and read!  Can women do it, raise kids, manage a household and read?  They should have a book named "Read in" instead of "Lean In"!

All the girls in my office are in a book club btw...I commend them for this.  They are all also training for a half marathon. Grrr...they seem to be finding the time to do it all!

An aside:  I love the concept of a book club because from what I understand few of them are really about the books...I've been told by the book club "insiders" that they simply get together once every month to eat food, chat, gossip and then for the last 10 or 15 minutes of the book club session they talk about the book that only about half of them have read...then they decide on the next book they may or may not read.

Anyhooo...I do appreciate books in many ways...but I do think a side benefit of having books in the home is that they add texture and interest to home decor.  I did once read quite a I do have a cabinet chock full of books in my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills...novels, poetry, biographies and more...they are all there...waiting to be cracked open again.

I dream of finding the time to pull a book off my shelf, sit in a comfy chair and just read!

Do you have a place for books in your home?  Where are your books on display?

Happy Thursday!


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