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detail photo of a bedroom designed by Amanda Nisbet with blue and white pillows on a white bed with a navy headboard and navy Roman curtains with a single white stripe going down the side

A blue bedroom.  Seems sort of standard right?   Well was browsing through New York interior designer Amanda Nisbet's portfolio and changed my mind about the use of  the word "standard" when associated with blue bedrooms!

Here are three rooms where blue is used boldly!

Nautical themed bedroom by Amanda Nisbet
A navy and white bedroom with a bold striped upholstered headboard and roman shades trimmed in white has a nautical feel to it. (above)

Cornflower blue bedroom by Amanda Nisbet's with tufted headboard, arm chair, large mirror and floor length curtains
Not sure if this bedroom is just straight light blue or if it has that hint of cornflower to it...wall to wall blue in this room works. (above)

Detail of the headboard and accent pillow as well as small wall mounted reading lamp
Detail of tufted headboard, sconce with light blue shade and coordinating colored grasscloth wallpaper. (above)

White bedroom with turquoise bedroom by Amanda Nisbet
Shades of turquoise stand out in this cheerful bedroom with its ikat chevron drapes and bright blue accents. (above) 

Close up of turquoise and Lucite accent ottoman

Which of these three bedrooms do you like the best?  I'm leaning towards the cornflower blue room but I always love navy and white too.  You?

Happy Tuesday!


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P.P.S.  Going on a little holiday Beaver Creek.  Need cute cold weather outfits.  Best of friend AM is going to Sun Valley for the holiday and she and I have been obsessing over all winter fashion from Moncler.  I love all Moncler jackets and coats.  GORGEOUS.  Never thought a ski jacket could look so chic.  Yesterday, AM just informed me that she got a Moncler jacket for Christmas from her hubby as an early gift over this past weekend!  Am happy for her...and dying for one for me!  Needless to say,  I won't be in Moncler for my ski weekend.  No time to shop for cute apres ski wear now due to the latest turn of events at my little tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills!  See below!

P.P.P.S. Yesterday, I had a repair guy come over to look at some water damage in a wall. The day ended with several workers in demolition mode and my bedroom floor ripped up, holes in the wall and much more due to tons of water damage! Today they take out part of my bedroom walls and then I have decide if I am completely moving out to check the whole house. This is forcing me straight into deciding on my wood floors throughout the house! Expensive and means I am without a home for the next few weeks. Thankfully I have sis DS's house which is so nice. And TE was sweet offer me a place to stay too.

P.P.P.P.S. Needless to say, today I'm trying to figure out next steps on my sudden construction project. As I went into a panic yesterday at first, I had to put things into perspective when I remembered all of the poor families in Connecticut who are really challenged right now. Makes my little dilemmas so insignificant really. My thoughts, tears and condolences are so with those Newtown families. Really.

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