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All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
A pave arrangement of purple hydrangea on a white kitchen table
A thank you gift for my sister from me - a pave arrangement of purple hydrangea! (above)

At my sister's house here in Los Angeles today finishing up some work.

Was here at my sister's place last night until the wee hours with fab assistant KS and talented photographer Hugh Hamilton doing another Nbaynadamas textiles collection photo shoot. Sis DS is kind enough to lend me her house for photo shoots and a lot of other stuff. Nice to have a sweet and generous big sister. Also, good friend JLF came to the rescue by lending me a second chair for the shoot. My sister's armchair in her living room is the main shoot chair (we used it last time too)...but we needed a chair that looked a lot I literally called JLF at 11:30 in the morning yesterday, asked if I could borrow a chair I remembered seeing at her house and by noon said JLF chair was in my car. What a sweetheart JLF is for lending that to me!

Anyhoo, my sister was on a work trip so it made it convenient for KS, photog Hugh and I to just take over the place...and we did. We had flower arrangements, props, different tables, chair options and lots and lots of new Nbaynadamas pillows and throws (I had it all...I even brought along one of those vintage duck decoys as a potential prop!)!

So now I am back at my sister's house just dropping off some things and picking up some other things (really what life is about and noone told us this when we were growing up...they said dream big...but they failed to tell us that life ends up really being made up of a lot of errands, picking up, dropping off, fixing stuff, other stuff breaking, fixing know).

I'm leaving my sister with these gorgeous purple hydrangea that we tried to use in yesterday's shoot. The arrangement was a little small but so pretty.

These flowers go so well in my sister's cute kitchen with her mini Saarinen table and Bertoia wire chairs. Love this. Wish I could sit here all afternoon but I have a big work event to go to...on a Sunday...if you can believe.

A pave arrangement of purple hydrangea on a white kitchen table surrounded by three wire chairs with white cushions
The hydrangea in my sister's kitchen - hope she likes them! (above)

So my sis is back in L.A. and coming back to her place.  I am scooting off to my house and then off to the big event.  Hope she is surprised by the flowers.  Hope she doesn't read the blog first and see them!

Thank you to wonderful assistant KS, fab photographer Hugh Hamilton, my supportive friend JLF (I left her a little treat when I returned the chair this morning) and to my oh so nice sister for helping me make a Nbaynadamas photo shoot come together! I am very lucky!  I can't wait to share photos with you very very soon!

What are your plans this Sunday?  What flowers would you give as a thank you?  Any favorites?

Happy Sunday!


P.S. Thank you to the hundreds of you who listened to my second video post yesterday - a DESIGN GUIDE featuring a tour of a great NYC hotel room that I stayed in recently. I just called the post a video is really a audio visual post (pictures and audio) featuring a million photos I took and me babbling about them. I would say if you can stay tuned long enough, the bathroom is worth seeing because of one cool thing they did with the shower!  Hope you enjoy.

All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
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