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All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
Pom Pom table setting with  linen napkins and table clothes and lavender glasses

So...had a wonderful lunch yesterday with Hilde Leiaghat, the oh so chic owner of Pom Pom Interiors home furnishings empire, and her oh so nice son and business partner Sam Leiaghat.  Hilde and her husband Reza own three chic furniture stores in Los Angeles.  They also design and produce an elegant collection of linens for the home, bedroom and table that is sold in stores across the country. 

I popped away from work yesterday for just a bit (from my day job) to run over to Beverly Hills to have lunch with Hilde and Sam.  I was so happy to see them again and equally excited to see the Pom Pom Interiors store in Beverly Hills.

I LOVE Pom Pom.  I have been a Pom Pom Interiors devotee for a long time.  Over the years, I have bought pillows, lamps, and accessories at Pom Pom at their La Brea Blvd. location...have also spent many hours in the stores musing over beautiful things.  The shops are the mecca for posh designers and the linens collection is the darling of mega celebrities like J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez) !  (An aside...I want a name like P. Diddy or J. Lo or Young MC...I'm going to call myself C. Co from now on...what do you think...C. Co...Coco is already my nickname...can I further nickname a nickname?  Is that possible?  The blogger formerly known as Coco is now called C. Co!  Genius or confusing? I know the answer here so just indulge my musings...thank you very much...LOL!)., while I claim to be a Pom Pom devotee (and was long before meeting Hilde and Sam a year ago),  I somehow got so busy these last months that I forgot to stalk one of their newest stores...the Beverly Hills Pom Pom on Canon!  Yesterday I got my chance.  Woot woot!  Quite fabulous.  I started talking to myself the minute I walked into the store...murmuring "Gorgeous...oh this is beautiful...oh and it smells so good."  I think Hilde, Sam and Jamie (who works in the store) all thought I was a little kooky when they saw me talking to myself...but I couldn't help it.  I couldn't.  Sorry. :-)  I'll be doing a full SHOP WATCH on the store in a bit...

But today...wanted to share images of a table setting in the store that caught my eye.  Love the idea of using non-traditional colors for fall decorating and entertaining. Most people are conditioned to think burnt oranges, auburns and greens for fall colors. Maybe it is time to break out some new fall colors?  In the case of this dining table, the natural linens and the lovely purple and lavender accents make for a wonderfully festive and romantic fall table!  Love the addition of the vintage silverware and the small topiaries too.

Lavender glasses on a polished metal tray

Close up of place setting with lavender glass, linen napkin, white placemats and silverware
Audrey Placemats - $60 (set of 4 white cotton placments with ruffle)(above)
Oliver Napkins - $80 (set of 4 linen napkins. Color: Bark)(above)

Purple metal ornament in a white ceramic mug on a matching saucer

Purple fleur glass
Purple Fleur Glass - $8 each (above)

Pom Pom table setting with  linen napkins and table clothes and lavender glasses

Lovely I think.  What do you think of this fall table setting?  What colors might you add in to make this work in your home?

Thank you Hilde and Sam for a wonderful lunch and for inviting me over to the amazing store!

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Have a bit of problem.  Is it weird that I am totally into that t.v. show the X Factor?  So, I don't have too much time for television these days.  I somehow though am hooked on a show about people trying to sing and win $5million dollars and there are judges or something.  Anyhooo...not doing a good job of describing it...but I am hooked.  I think I am going to get to watch a live taping of the show next week.  Woohooooo!  I talk about the X Factor so much that someone at work said I needed to get a life...grrr... I know...I sound like I am 10 years old and without a life...hmmmm...need to mature up and turn off the t.v. maybe...hee hee!  Help...any solutions for this X Factor addiction? Help.  Another one of my non-dilemma dilemmas...

P.P.S.  Fun dinner last night with AZ and some friends. Tired this morning.  Running all day then have a store opening party this evening.

All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
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