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All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas

Pom Pom Interiors Settee love seat with tufted back, two white pillows, a white knit throw, two vintage inspired side tables with reclaimed wood tops and matching lamps

So today I bring you a SHOP WATCH on a darling Beverly Hills home furnishings and linens store owned by Hilde Leiaghat.  Hilde's Pom Pom Interiors stores in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Hollywood are well known throughout Los Angeles as the mecca for all things beautiful and romantic in home decor.  Hilde owns Pom Pom with her husband Reza and son Sam and they've grown the business from retail stores to a thriving home linens business that includes exquisite linen bedding, table top linens and more.

I love Pom Pom's table linens and bedding.  I was thrilled when Hilde also decided to carry my own Nbaynadamas textiles in the Beverly Hills stores!

I also think Hilde is a superb business woman so I wanted to feature her and her Pom Pom Interiors Beverly Hills store into today's SHOP WATCH.  So here goes!

Exterior of Pom Pom Interiors shop

COCO: How long has Pom Pom been in business?
HILDE LEIAGHAT, Owner Pom Pom (HL): Pom Pom has been in business for over 20 years now!

Inside Pom Pom Interiors' store

COCO: When did the Beverly Hills store open and why do you like this space?
HL: The Beverly Hills location opened exactly one year ago. We loved the space because of its high ceilings (so it could showcase our chandeliers well). Canon is not necessary a shopping street but we liked it because of the many restaurants and beauty salons surrounding the store.

COCO: What do you hope customers will feel when they enter any of your Pom Pom stores?
HL: I want people to feel "at home" when they walk in, forget their everyday problems and just be surrounded by luxury! It's all about being comfortable and happy.

Pom Pom Interiors' bed setting with organic, natural linens

COCO:  Describe your style?
HL: European elegance with a romantic flare. Just casual chic not shabby!

COCO: What is the most exciting part of owning these gorgeous stores?
HL:  Being able to make peoples surroundings beautiful and inviting so they enjoy living!
I can shop all the time, travel the world and not have to feel guilty about it! That's the best part!!!

Pom Pom knit throws in white and grey

COCO: You have a huge linens collection in Pom Pom at Home...tell me about some of the items you manufacture and sell at the Beverly Hills store?
HL: I started my linen line, Pom Pom at Home, three years ago. Being a native of Belgium, I always had a passion for linen because that's what I grew up with. We manufacture 100% organic Belgian linen bedding and table top. It ranges from very simple sheets and duvets to elaborate embroidered collections with lace border and velvet trims. The line is designed to mix and match. That's how we display it in our stores.

Close up of embroidered details on Pom Pom Interior's bedding

COCO: What do you think is a design/decor essential for any home?
HL: The most important essential in design to me is to have good quality and neutral basics, whether it is furniture or linens!! Once you have that you can build on with color and different inexpensive accessories. That way you can change your decor frequently.

Inside Pom Pom Interiors' store-shelf to store linens and blankets

COCO: What is the best part of working with your family?
HL: Knowing that you always can count on them. You have to be able to take their criticism because you know they will tell you the truth! Good or bad! I love to be able to travel with them.

Pom Pom Interiors' store with a table scene complete with Nbaynadamas pillows

COCO: What are you most proud of as it relates to the PomPom brand?
HL: We often hear of customers telling us they love to visit Pom Pom because it make them feel good. This is the biggest compliment I can get.

COCO: Words of advice for anyone who is thinking of starting any kind of venture of their own?
HL:  Do It!!! And always go with your gut feeling!!! Whatever it is in life, do it the best you can and enjoy it! Remember always "you learn from your mistakes" so be prepared to make them.

Leiaghat family owners of Pom Pom Interiors and Pom Pom at Home
The Leiaghat family - Reza, Sam and Hilde own and run Pom Pom Interiors and Pom Pom at Home. (above)

Thank you Hilde for answering all of my questions AND for being so helpful with advice!

If you are in Los should definitely swing by the Beverly Hills store!

PomPom Interiors
432 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: 310-248-4440

Happy Friday!


P.S. Feel inspired by Hilde and her business acumen!  Up early this morning. Finalizing Nbaynadamas textiles collection for 2012. Err...finalizing would be a great word if I was even close to finishing this maybe I'll say "working on the Nbaynadamas textiles collection" instead. Also, will be adding some new goodies to the Nbaynadamas Shop next week...just in time for a little holiday online shopping.

All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
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