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Nbaynadamas Lavender Sachets and gift box
Nbaynadamas Lavender Sachets and gift box. (above)

I'm so excited to unveil one of the latest from the Nbaynadamas collection...lovely super large luxurious organic lavender sachets enveloped in Nbaynadamas Logo linen!

I had a real problem with these sachets at the New York Gift Fair where we debuted them in the Nbaynadamas booth (and they were oh so popular).  Here's what would happen each time I would start talking about these...I would reach out to give them to a potential customer to hold and sniff and then before I could place one in a customer's hand, my reflexes would kick in.  I would snatch the sachet back and take a big long whiff, close my eyes and impulsively say in a whisper "Oh this smells so good" and forget for one moment where I was before handing it off.   The customers ALL looked at me like I was kooky but then they took a sniff and closed their eyes and said "Oh it does smell really really good!".  I couldn't help myself.  The lavender is just dreamy and sooooooo soothing.  Fab Associate Operations Manager KS (who loves the color pink) watched time and time again as I repeated this strange first I saw her brow furrow in shock and then I think she just realized I couldn't help myself.

Nbaynadamas lavender sachets in a bowel at the Nbaynadamas booth at the New York International Gift Fair
The sachets in best of friend AM's bowl (I needed a bowl to put things in so I commandeered the bowl right out of AM's posh living room before she even knew it (I gave it back...I think)) in the Nbaynadamas booth at the New York International Gift Fair earlier this month! (above)

We made this sachet big and chunky - six inches square...and full of lavender. We have the organic lavender flown in from Northern California.  We also thought it would be cool and somewhat chic to make the sachets out of our signature highest quality linen (instead of the normal little sack with a ribbon around it that you think of when the word sachet comes to mind).   A large luxurious lavender sachet!

A lavender sachet...for your drawers and closets to keep things smelling good. Or one magazine editor told me, she sleeps with hers at night on her pillow - lavender is known to soothe you know - smart woman!

Anyhoo...a lot of words to say...I hope you enjoy this latest offering in the Nbaynadamas collection.

So this spring, these make for great bridal party gifts, baby shower favors, hostess gifts or most importantly a gift for yourself!

Nbaynadamas Lavender Sachets in gray and navy
Nbaynadamas - Lavender Sachets - $35 each  (6"x6". Organic lavender wrapped in signature Nbaynadamas Logo linen.  Comes in either grey or navy. Each comes gift wrapped)(above)

Nbaynadamas Lavender Sachets in navy
I love the navy - why not have a stylish sachet in your drawers, closet or on your pillow! (above)

We have a lot more goodies to unveil over the next few months - all of the new things we took to market last month.  We'll have them all on the website soon (hopefully...web guy has disappeared...he got a new job so I think he's busy...happy about his new job...sad that have all of these new items that can't get on the website...oy...luckily sachets made it onto the site...other items will be on hopefully soon). We've started shipping these sachets and new pillows, throws, tabletop, lacquer boxes and more to our Nbaynadamas retailers already!

I hope you like this first new item!

Happy Tuesday!


P.S.  Thank you to Liz Joy of Shorely Chic blog for guest posting yesterday on stripes!  Awesome post.  I met Liz at the New York Gift Fair...she stopped by the Nbaynadamas booth to say hi and she was so nice and I knew her blog so I asked her to guest post.  I hope she'll guest again!

P.P.S.  Tonight am going to a party at Harbinger here in L.A. - a party for designer Bunny Williams I think.  Harbinger is one of the most prestigious showrooms in town and they carry Nbaynadamas pillows and Nbaynadamas throws.  There is  more though!  I'm going to have a nice announcement about how I am working with Harbinger on another big project (big for me...probably small for them!).  I'll take some photos and show you tomorrow hopefully!

P.P.P.S.  I am so glad February is almost over.  Am tired of being coy and mysterious!
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