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Living room with herringbone wood floor, dueling sofas, a white upholstered sofa with nail head details, a white fireplace and large windows

Am considering redoing my wood floors in my tiny tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills.

I love a herringbone patterned wood floor. This English house has herringbone floors and I love. My preference would be to have this pattern wood floor but in a much darker stain (somewhere between brown and black) and letting the natural grain of the wood show through so it feels a bit rustic.

Check out the floors in this house...not the color...check out the you like?

Foyer with herringbone wood floor, crystal chandelier, a bench and built in bookshelves

Kitchen with herringbone wood floor, exposed reclaimed wood beams, pendant lights, marble backsplash, an island and a large window

What do you think of this pattern of wood floor?  Like or dislike?  Why or why not?  Should I venture to put a darker version of these floors in my little cottage in the Hollywood Hills?  Or should I just go for a basic dark wood floor? Oh me oh my...what's a girl to do?!?

Please weigh in!

Happy Friday!


P.S.  Had a great lunch with AA and ST yesterday at some organic healthy food place in Culver City called Akasha - the decor was fab and the food was delish.  Somehow though the organic healthy food place served burgers and pizza.  Hmmmm. I stayed true to the restaurants alleged vision  and had the very healthy quinoa and it was delicious!  Hmmmm...I might officially be on a health kick (what?)....oh dear...I take that back...I don't like those people who always talk about being healthy and kind of look down on everyone else who eat all kinds of food.  I still have not had bread, pasta, sugar or dried mangoes...the things I gave up for Lent...even though Easter has come and gone...that is the only reason I've mentioned health kick.  I'd like to note that  I have had champagne and french fries since I guess I'm on a COCOCOZY version of health kick! Quinoa, kale, champagne and french fries!  Woohoo!!! :-)

P.P.S.  Last night went for drinks at Cecconis again...met up with interior designer Emily Ruddo of Armonia Decors and had some nice champagne and snacks.

P.P.P.S.  I've been invited to a dinner party tonight.  A guy friend I know invited me...I know he'll never read the blog so I'll chat about my non dilemma dilemma.  Have been running around like a chicken with no head with my regular work and my COCOCOZY collection work...not a moment to breath.  Do I go to the dinner party or stay in this Friday and rest?  I've been out every night this week.  Help.  A first world problem I know...but...

P.P.P.P.S.  Happy Friday!

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