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lucite tray and topiary boxwood at NYIGF 2013 COCOCOZY booth
Prize winning COCOCOZY Lucite Tray! (above)

Starting with a design non admission that has nothing to do with decor and beware...

Okay...I am showing the full COCOCOZY Home Collection in New is day 4 of the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) and I just had an apple fritter for breakfast. I DO NOT normally eat apple fritters. I don't. Really I don't. I don't. Well...uh...hmmm...okay...well I've had an apple fritter before...and maybe I had one back in December (TE ate half of it)...but I can tell you prior to that I had not had one since January 2012 (I think). Note to self...ban all apple fritters for 2013. Hope my mother who is an erudite college French professor is not reading this post...she would think, "Why is my daughter eating something called an apple fritter and moreover why is she choosing to mention this on a blog. Tres bizarre." is the last day of the New York gift fair. We've had a terrific time here at the COCOCOZY Booth. Yesterday...CM who runs all things COCOCOZY was interviewed by a camera crew...he did a great job...and I've been talking so much that I've lost my voice. MK, a lovely interior designer and artist, is helping us...she is the calm and collected. CM and I definitely both have big spurts of energy that involve talking up a storm and then having to sit down because we've expended a flurry of energy.

Yesterday, midday, a lady came by with an award certificate - our COCOCOZY Lucite Tray was picked! CM and I started jumping up and down and screaming for joy - making a scene really. We were one of 3 finalists in the Dining category for some trade show award. Meanwhile, our booth neighbors Pom Pom at Home also won...but they were reserved and demure about their win. Another note to self: learn to be reserved and demure.

lucite tray, topiary boxwood and finalist certificate at NYIGF 2013 COCOCOZY booth
Our finalist award certificate! (above)

lucite tray, citrus, and flower candles at NYIGF 2013 COCOCOZY booth
Our COCOCOZY Lucite Tray with it's envelope opening bottom allows you to easily change tray bottom inserts and protects them from getting damaged. (above)

We also mixed up things at the booth yesterday and threw our new COCOCOZY Rug Collection on the floor of the booth...probably makes sense to show rugs on the floor...see picture you like the booth with the rugs on the floor or without.  Will take your comments into consideration for the next show's display.


NYIGF 2013 COCOCOZY Booth with wool rugs


NYIGF 2013 COCOCOZY Booth without wool rugs

Anyhooo...need to go run around and take some photos of other things so I can do a little fair round up for you tomorrow!  Hope you all are having a good week!

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Happy Wednesday! (please excuse typos as I am in an apple fritter daze)

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