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waterfalls falls kauai hawaii helicopter aerial view

Waterfalls, striking ocean views, secret coves and so much more -- all up close and in vivid color.  I can truly say I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

TE took me on a helicopter ride of a lifetime this week.  I agreed to go...but didn't know he had chosen a helicopter with no doors.

I am your classic "fraidy cat".  Would always play it safe when it comes to adventure and risk taking.  Seems TE is not.  So imagine the gulp I took when he cheerfully told me we would be going on an hour long helicopter tour of the island in a chopper with no doors.

Turned out to be one of the most visually incredible experience I have ever had...without a doubt.  I spent the whole ride laughing, smiling, ooohing and ahhhing at the beyond gorgeous scenery.

I took all of these photos sitting in between TE and the pilot right front and center of the helicopter.  An amazing ride.

Not to be too philosophical about a helicopter ride...but maybe there is something to taking a "no doors" attitude on life...taking some risks...moving outside of your comfort zone...pushing the "fraidy cat" aside...maybe?

Oh...for those of you who have not been following me on COCOCOZY Instagram (@COCOCOZY) or COCOCOZY Twitter (@COCOCOZY), am in Kauai (Hawaii) with TE...a little summer vacation for us both.

Enjoying this time off...gathering lots of inspiration for COCOCOZY designs and taking lots of time to just soak in the beauty of it all with TE.   It was his idea to come here.  As my sister said once, "I like TE...he has good ideas."  I agree.

helicopter kauai tour island
The $1.6 million dollar military style helicopter with no doors that took us on our tour of the island (above)

north shore kauai ocean cove beach water coastline aerial view helicopter
The north shore of Kauai from a helicopter (above)

wailua falls kauai landscape waterfall
Wailua Falls from up up above (above)
This morning I am up super early blogging...we are going on a 5 hour catamaran ride to the Napali Coast.  TE's idea again.  I am all in...along for the ride without a doubt...with a "no doors" attitude for sure!

Happy Friday!


Photos:  Coco of COCOCOZY
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