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interior design ideas with small apartment ideas part 1

One thing to plan out when trying to make your small apartment seem less small is the color palette. You don't need to purely use light toned paint color when making up for smallness in a room. If you want to decorate with bright or deep colors in your apartment you can get color without making the room look even smaller if you choose a monochromatic palette, or one where the colors are all the same brightness. You might even try a mauve color palette, or if you fancy more color go with purple, green and blue that all have an equal intensity and tone. To add depth to the room, work on painting the wall opposite the entrance a deep, intense hue - this makes it look further away plus adds an unusual touch. For wall shades, pale hues like blueish gray will provide an overall larger appearance as they give the feel of the walls receding. If you desire something a lot of interesting, cool colors including purple, green and blue will provide the same illusion. 

sunroom furniture ideas

sunroom furniture ideas

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