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All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
Close up of a summer stone fruit salad

A design non sequitur this Sunday. I put the word design in the title so I could feel like I was staying "on brand" and bringing you only design and style posts. But for those of you who think that an off brand post is just fine then don't read this admission that I purposefully went off brand this Sunday morning...please just enjoy the story. For those of you who are decor purists, I know this is not a focused decor post, but I hope you in enjoy nonetheless...(sorry?!??!...tee hee)!

So was at one of my favorite food places the other day...Joan's on Third. For years, Joan's has catered many a party for me and my sis (note to self...need to have a party in September and have Joan's come up with some food) and is a great place for a gourmet bite to eat. I love it there. The food is delicious and the ambiance is wonderful...kind of a gourmet food marketplace really.

The other day, I was at Joan's picking up some food and I saw a wonderful summer fruit salad in the case...I ordered a side...when I got home I tasted it and all that came to mind was how fresh and sweet the salad was. The second thing that came to mind was how simple it looked to make.

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods (oh have you guys seen that hilarious online spoof music video about the Whole Foods called Whole Food Parking Lot? It is so true about the Whole Foods experience here in Los Angeles!) and bought what I thought I might need to duplicate the Joan's on Third fruit salad. It was pretty simple...

Ingredients -
White Nectarines

I noticed that there was nothing delicate about the way the fruit was cut up in the Joan's salad and it really was just about large chunky rustic pieces of fruit ... all stone fruit except the blueberries...cut up and mixed together.

I got home from the market and immediately began chopping...the whole thing took me about 5 minutes to wash the fruit and slice it into large pieces, throw it into a bowl and toss. The only thing I might add next time is a bit of mint...but in 5 minutes or less I had a wonderful summer stone fruit salad!

Pluots, nectarines, white nectarines and grapes are on a white kitchen counter with a knife. There is a white bowl on the same table with blueberries and some cut nectarines
Started out by washing all of the fruit and tossing the blueberries into a medium bowl - 1 minute (above)

Close up of the cut pluots
Cut the pluots first wth their beautiful succulent red flesh and I used 3 or 4 of them - 1 minute. (above)

Close up of some cut nectarines
Then it was onto chopping up oh maybe 4 nectarines both regular and white - 2 minutes (above and below)

Most of the fruit is cut in a white bowl, there is one nectarine and a pluot on the table that need to be cut

Finish fruit salad in a white bowl with a bunch of green grapes on a white kitchen table
Then I gave the fruit salad a good toss, stared at it a bit, and plucked out a pluot piece to taste and then was good to go - less than 1 minute. (above)

There..a quick summer stone fruit salad designed...and nibbled at ever since. The salad was so pretty that I thought it could be a great addition to summer brunch array or refreshing after dinner palette cleanser. Love this.

What is your favorite quick summer salad recipe?

Happy Sunday!


P.S.  Went to a fabulous dinner last night at the Petit Ermitage here in Los Angeles.  It is a quirky hotel secreted away on a small street in West Hollywood.  The roof  top private club is amazing...pool, dining, fire pit and lounge area - all with fantastic views of the city...spectacular!  Thank you KD for inviting us!

All photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
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