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Bright bedroom with an iron canopy bed with white bedding and a bright green blanket draped across the foot of the bed, blue Holly Hunt armchair with a Leontine Linens boudoir pillow, painted reclaimed wood floors and breezy white floor length curtains

I love a beautiful bedroom. Reminds me of all of the sleep I am not getting these days! :-)

This bedroom is wonderfully light and airy.  Blissfully peaceful, perfectly pleasant and nicely appointed.  I like the painted reclaimed wood floors - a little design on the floor in lieu of a rug.  A great shade for the blue upholstered Holly Hunt chair that coordinates well with the Leontine Linens boudoir pillow.

Some people like to have their bedrooms dark and mysterious with no light allowed in...I prefer to wake up to sunlight for some reason.  Morning natural light keeps me cheerful throughout the day. The pitched ceiling makes plenty of room for the iron canopy bed.  1, 2, 3 just like that (or I'm sure with some great thought)...this room is quite cute...good designed!

What do you think of this bedroom?  What might you add or subtract?  Is it too light and bright for you or is it just right?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Sorry I didn't blog yesterday...was running around in the morning before work doing Nbaynadamas textiles collection work - work before work and work after work...that's been my schedule these days.  We have lots and lots of orders to fill from the New York International Gift Fair and the Atlanta gift I was up to my ears in sorting out fabric, orders and the like early yesterday morning instead of working on a blog post.  So much to do.  I'm enjoying it though.  Really loving the challenge of starting a textiles business from the ground up.  All is good.  Well, to be honest, have been fretting way too much as of late because my web guy has gone MIA and I can't get many of the new pillows on the shop site for you to see and there are a million glitches on the shop site.  Oy.  Any suggestions?  On my web dilemma that is?  Anyone want to give me a crash course in website building (or at least know someone who could help)? Au secours!

P.P.S.  Picking up my #2 dress for the Emmys today.  I have two dress options for the awards show on Sunday when I walk the red carpet and when no one really cares what I wear or look like because there are so many Hollywood stars around.  So while no one will care what I'm wearing, I've still spent every day going back and forth over what to wear.  1st option is an old black Badgley Mischka gown that I bought several years ago...very simple and elegant and has a bit of train.  The second is a new Carlos Miele long gown I bought in Paris last is one shoulder (oy...I've always questioned one shoulder dresses...yet went right out and bought one) and it is navy with sparkles on the one shoulder (oy again...this dress makes me a bit nervous).  What to do?  Will try to get a good shot of the two dresses and tweet them or something on Nbaynadamas Twitter.  Will keep you posted!  xo

P.P.P.S.  You might wonder why I have two long dresses for the Emmys...well to make a long story short or in this case a short story long...I own several long gowns actually, and long white kid leather gloves and I even have a long wonderful hunter green opera coat (I don't really know what an opera coat is but it is big enough to wear over a ball gown I was told and is quite lovely...bought it for no reason years ago at Barneys).  My sister thinks I'm totally wacky because I have so many long dresses (at least I don't own a tiara...hmmm...not a bad idea...oh I forgot, I must have at least 5 very sparkling headbands...went through a sparkling headband phase last year...that phase has passed...I mentioned them almost every day on the I'm sure you are glad that phase passed too...).  Well you never know when prince charming may swing by in tuxedo and ask you to a wonderful black tie event...right?  Better to be prepared.  Forget earthquake preparedness, I am black tie event prepared...horrifying, I know...but it's true.   The good news is the gowns are not going to waste; this year, I've offered several of my gowns out to some of the other girls at work who don't have anything to wear to the far, someone has taken me up on a blue Vivienne Tam chiffon bringing in a Monique L'Huillier today for someone else to try.  Need prince charming in the tux to appear soon before I lend out all of my dresses and don't have a thing to wear. Oh my!

P.P.P.P.S.  Was spell checking this post and saw that I said the word "oy" three times.  Ooops now that is four.  Oy. Five.  I like the word oy (six) encompasses so many is a combo between yikes, uh oh, and oh no all together but with a hint more of clever sarcasm to it.  I like.  Have been overusing it though lately. Oy.  Seven.   Note to self, expand vocabulary.  Hee hee.  xo

P.P.P.P.P.S. I recognize this P.S. section is a bit out of control...but who says the P.S. can't be longer than the "S"? Maybe I'm a writing and grammar trailblazer with this? Maybe I've invented something? Hmmm.... Oy. Eight.

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