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Sleek modern kitchen with three black dome pendant lights hung over a black dining room table surrounded by upholstered chairs with higher back chairs at the head of the table.

I like this image above of the dining room with 3 large matte finish black dome pendant lights hung above the dining table. Caught my eye.

I like a nice black dome pendant lamp. Visually striking yet so basic at the same time. Eye catching indeed. (Oh btw...I've been using the word indeed a lot lately. Is that annoying? Every time my boss at my during the day job asks me a question, I answer "indeed" sister DS was saying something about dinner the other night via a text and I answered "indeed". I think and I hate to say it I may have picked up this "indeed" habit from my guy friend BN...not sure...but if I did pick it up from him, he should be ashamed of himself for introducing "indeed" into my life. I use it as a crutch. When I don't have much else to say, I just say "indeed"...when someone asks me a question I'm trying to avoid or don't know how to answer, I say "indeed" sounds smarter then "I dunno" or "Uh duh" or "Yeah okay" but it means the same thing. Indeed. Can the word "indeed" replace all forms of it a catch all for everything? answer is "indeed". LOL!)

Anyhoooooooooooo...back to black pendant lamps. Seems that these black dome shaped lamps have caught my eye before...see this post for October 2010. Maybe it is the time of year...randomly I landed on this photo above which inspired me to do this post last week and when I did a search on the internet for black pendant old post came up. Hmmm... Either this is a form of genius or a complete lack of creativity on my part. I'll let you be the judge. Indeed. (Oh. I forgot...I've also been using indeed as a form of punctuation or just as declaration. I use it when I am trying to be vague too.)

All this to are black pendant lights in today's CHEAP TO CHIC!

365+ Brasa Black Pendant Ligh
Ikea - 365+ Brasa Black Pendant Light - $39.99 (above)

Topan VP6 Black Pendant Lamp w/black matte finish
Hive Modern - Topan VP6 Black Pendant Lamp w/black matte finish - $580 (above)

Black Skygarden Pendant light
yLighting - Skygarden Pendant - $1992 (above)

Two views of a modern dining room with matte black dome pendant lights hanging over a wooden dining room table

Which of these dome hanging lights to you like the best? Could you see these working anywhere in your home as well? Do you like the look or just loathe it? Would be very interested to know. You know. :-)

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Just a few days until Christmas and counting!

P.P.S. I have such nice neighbors...some have stopped by with holiday gifts (last night I got a visit from a few), they've dropped by cards and I've gone by to visit others.  I have so enjoyed the holiday spirit on my street in the Hollywood Hills.  On the way home the other night, I also stopped by friend and decorative artist Jean Horihata's house to visit with her and her husband Mark and their daughter.  Jean made me this holiday arrangement with silver leaf gilded pomegranates that she made herself!  So nice.  They are sitting in the window of my kitchen.  I am enjoying the holidays.  Everyone is in such a good mood.  I like!

Gilded pomegranate
Homemade hand gilded pomegranates in my kitchen - a gift from my friend and artist Jean Horihata. (above)

P.P.P.S.  I need to get all of my neighbor holiday gifts together and walk around and spread a little holiday cheer!

P.P.P.P.S.  I also have to do a little good this holiday season in the form of charitable giving.  Sounds cliche...but it makes me feel good to give to my charities (side bar for my two favorite right now).  All on the to-do list between now and Christmas!

P.P.P.P.P.S.  We're doing Secret Santas at the stopped off at a music store last night and got that gift off my list. We also have to write a poem about our Secret Santa person.  I've gotten the same person a few times now...wondering if I can use a poem I wrote 5 years ago and just say it with a different accent or something to change it up?  I'd like to point out, I am not being lazy in just wanting to recycle a poem, I am usually the only one in the group who actually writes the poem.  One year, the person who was my Secret Santa simply wrote for their poem something like "Coco is nice.  Coco is great. Merry Christmas.".  The poems I write are several lines (I'm sure you can believe I have no problem with writing too much) and usually take up a page or more.  Oh did I mention, I am Secret Santa to my boss! 

Photos: Jarlath Mellett; norm cph
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