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Foyer with small Christmas tree, white Moroccan pouf and a tile floor

Just 3 days until Christmas!  Regardless of what you celebrate (Hanukkah, Christmas etc.), this is such a wonderful time to spend time with family/friends and spread good cheer.

Today...Nbaynadamas will be a bit of an elf - delivering gifts to all of those sweet and nice people we work with every day and who have made this first year of Nbaynadamas textiles just amazing.  Then later at the office at my regular job, we will be doing a cute gift exchange.  Then it will be time to focus on family.  We are all gathering at friend JS's house for dinner this year on Christmas and friends alike.  I promised to make my famous sweet potato pie...a tradition handed down from my grandmother...I might even make an apple pie too. (I love to do a little baking over the holidays.)

Adore this holiday foyer is in the home of stylist and designer Jill Brinson Sharp who is also the creative director of Ballard Design.  I like it because the space is not too over the top holiday but definitely says it is the time of year to be merry. Well edited. Well done. Lovely green garland over the doorways, the little decorated tree all work in this Atlanta cottage entry.

I must favorite thing about this foyer is the tall steel and glass double doors.  Love that these grand doors can read so many ways - traditional, modern or industrial.  I also love that they let so much light into the foyer.  Nice.

Close up of an elegant, silver Christmas oranment hanging from a tree covered in snow

Oh, I just threw in the photo of the ornament above because I liked it.  It is sunny here in Los Angeles...not a bit of snow...sometimes I would like to see just a speck of snow over the holidays...just enough to enjoy a pretty scene like this...then I would go back to our sunny Southern California holidays ways!

What do you think of the holiday decor in the foyer?  Too much or not enough.  I like that it is primarily all greenery with just a bit of sparkle.

What do you look forward to most during this holiday season?

Happy Thursday!


P.S. To those of you who celebrate Hanukkah...Happy happy Hanukkah!

Photos: Atlanta Homes Magazine
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