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Simple, elegant bedroom with a bed with a white wooden frame and headboard, exposed beams, two windows and a single pendant light

Back to basics.

Keep things simple.

Less is more.

All cliches but all so true especially when it comes to decor.

This oh so lovely bedroom is an example of streamlined simplicity.  No frills, patterns, colors or any is what it is.  A nice light filled space, with just a hint of lavender for color...edited to the extreme...but it works.

What do you think about "less is more decor"? Like or dislike?  Do tell.

Happy Tuesday!


P.S. Oh yes.  My theory on Pinterest.  Could it be the modern day form of hoarding?  I think maybe yes... except the difference between Pinterest and those people you see on t.v. who can't walk through their house because they have so much stuff  is we are not hiding the collections of random gunk in our homes we're doing it on a website.  Public hoarding of sorts!  I am on it - have been pinning pictures of rooms, fashion, and things here and there on Nbaynadamas Pinterest...a little addictive...but trying to figure the point.  I feel a bit behind too...I've pinned maybe 100 images on 22 boards or so...quite a few people I know through blogging have pinned 3000-4000 images or more on hundreds of boards!  Another race to keep up on!  I'm behind in Pinterest...oh my...!  As I was pinning pictures the other day and organizing them into folders, I wondered "Why do we all need to collect so many images of things we like?  And then what?".  Is this a form of social networking or is it a form of virtual hoarding or is it a little of both? Maybe the title of this post applies to Pinterest...I don't! Please let me know your thoughts on this. To pin or not to pin...that is the question? (I wonder if Hamlet would have asked this very question...).  Maybe Pinterest is not hoarding.  Maybe it is really a place where people save their dreams and realize their aspirations...thousands and thousands of dreams per person and millions of aspirations!  Well, I'll keep pinning until I hear from you! :-)

Screen grab of Nbaynadamas Pinterest
Screen grab of Nbaynadamas Pinterest - it's like a garage full of things to save but with no limit on space and on the amount of  things you can put in it! (above)

Photo: Russell Sadur
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Write by: AN - Tuesday, March 6, 2012


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