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Photos in this post by Coco of Nbaynadamas
Essie's Fall 2011 line of nail polish in Power Clutch, Carry On and Lady Like
Essie's new Fall 2011 nail polish colors! (above and below)
A design non sequitur today...decor purist please excuse.  I'll post some design related business after this for you...but those of you who are okay with a fashion you go...

Love it when I get a cute blog post out of  Nbaynadamas textiles related business.

So I had a fab meeting over at MML PR to discuss the Nbaynadamas collection. Met with publicists Merritt and Claire who are so nice. They have the cutest offices on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach (made me long for beach city offices btw). Anyhoooooo...when I walked into the office, a bunch of people were packing gift bags for an Emmy Awards related event...and someone said the word "nail polish" and I must have started smiling and sparkling and thinking, "Oh how nail polish...I wish had some new colors".  My sparkling, smiling and deep thoughts must have been more obvious than I assumed because after a long conversation about Nbaynadamas pillows, throws, candles and me, a nice little bag was delivered into the conference room with the latest Essie nail polish colors for fall 2011!

Score! Woot woot!  Whoa. Yippee!!  I was so delighted to get these six polish colors...for no apparent reason...just thrilled. Silly I know. I can afford nail polish so I don't need it as gift...but for some strange reason, having my hands on the new fall colors just got me so excited. Beyond excited.  There is something wrong with my POV I know...going bonkers over 6 nail polish bottles?  Who does that?  Me.

P.S. I normally do not even accept gifts (even from my mother and sis have had to give me a lesson in polite gift acceptance over the years because I actually gave a few gifts back to them when I realized they wouldn't work in my home...ooops...I know...not gracious at all...Emily Post would have been appalled...)...and I definitely do not accept gift bag items - I go to plenty Hollywood events where these are offered and I've always declined even the best of the best of the gift bag. Reason is my tiny tiny cottage in the Hollywood Hills is so small, I cannot add anything into the mix unless it is planned out. Extra clutter.

Uhmmm...all this to say...this was not the case here. When that little bag filled with latest nail colors arrived...I snatched it up so quickly that poor Merritt and Claire I'm sure were wondering "Where did it go? I think she took it.  What's wrong with her?"

I think I'll try the dark green gray color which is called "Power Clutch" first!  Then onto the wine color polish called "Carry On"...and then who knows what else!

Essie Power Clutch nailpolish
Power Clutch nail polish is a dark green the literature says...but I think it almost looks like a gray!  Can't wait to try it. (above)

Essie's Fall 2011 line of nail polish in Cary On, Power Clutch, Glamour Purse, Case Study, and Lady Like
From left to right "Cary On", "Power Clutch", "Glamour Purse", "Case Study", "Lady Like", "Very Structured" Essie nail colors for Fall! (above)
Any of these colors stand out for you?  What is your favorite fall nail go to color?

Happy Wednesday!


P.S.  So relieved, we are doing a special candle line for a big fashion company - very big company.  Yesterday, we thought the candles would not get to NYC in time for Fashion Week and Fashion Night Out on Thursday!  Fed Ex surprised us and the candles arrived today!  Woohooo...good day.  New nail polish and happy candle customer!  Hip hip hoorah!
Photos by Coco of Nbaynadamas
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